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Grow your business with our 2D Explainer Video Services. Our creative and high quality explainer videos will help you to achieve your goals and business outcomes. No matter what your business size or nature is, our video service will surely help you out.

  • Full HD Quality 60 FPS
  • Free Revisions
  • Risk Free
  • Dedicated Team
  • Exclusive Ideas
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Our Video Services

2D Character Animation

Whiteboard Animation

Motion Graphics Video

Kinetic Typographic Video

2D Infographic Animation

Screencast Explainer Video

Our Explainer Video Pricing Packages

We have all types of price packages for explainer video covering every type and size of business


Startup Video Package

$ 500$ 2598
  • 30 Second Video
  • Professional Script
  • Storyboard
  • Animation
  • Full Commercial Rights
  • Sound Effects
  • 1 weeks Delivery
  • Free Revisions

Modern Video Package

$ 950$ 3498
  • 60 Second Video
  • Professional Script
  • Storyboard
  • Animation
  • Full Commercial Rights
  • Sound Effects
  • 1 weeks Delivery
  • Free Revisions

Premium Video Package

$ 1250$ 4598
  • 90 Second Video
  • Professional Script
  • Storyboard
  • Animation
  • Full Commercial Rights
  • Sound Effects
  • 1 weeks Delivery
  • Free Revisions

Golden-Pro Video Package

$ 1600$ 5398
  • 120 Second Video
  • Professional Script
  • Storyboard
  • Animation
  • Full Commercial Rights
  • Sound Effects
  • 1 weeks Delivery
  • Free Revisions

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Why our customers prefer us?

Market Comppetitive Price

At same professional quality, Our price is less than average as compared to our competitors. Our discount campaign made our customers happy.

Free Revisions

We revise each project thoroughly after finishing up. We revise it about every aspect before delivering to customers. Also we do changes after delivery too.

Business Quality

There are a lot of 2D Video Animation Services but our customers prefer and refer us because we deliver unique and professional quality videos in less cost.

Being Professional

We have expert dedicated team which make our customer’s 2D Videos. That is why our delivered videos help our customers to reach their goals.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is key to our own success. We work hard to make our delivery far more than our customer’s expectations and requirements.

Fast Delivery

We deliver faster than average, we also offer express delivery. We always deliver way before deadline which saves our customers time.

Clients Reviews About Us

Corporate Video Production

We are corporate video production company. We will create your explainer video based on your given requirements during order. No matter what is your service or product, our corporate explainer video will make you feel different in front of your competitors. Not matter if you are a company or an individual having a small business or organization, our video service is best suite for all size of businesses and companies.

Brand Videos:

Do you want to make a video for your company or business? Then we will make that for you. Our explainer video will increase your company/business brand awareness and sales when you will publish this video in front of your customers or clients. No matter you provide certain services or sale product, our video will beneficial to you. You also can have a look on our recent customers reviews. You can click on order tab to start order right now so you will get your delivery file ASAP.

Website Video:

Do you have a website and want a video for your website to show it to your customer? If yes then you are right at right place. We will make video about your website features explaining your website features in video form. You can display this video to your own website or you can upload it to video hosting websites like Youtube. Alternatively you can also use this video for marketing or ads purpose.

Presentation Video:

Presentations plays very important roles in business. Showcasing your data in video form will not only clear your idea to audiences but it will increase the probability of specific actions described by you. Our video presentation will more advanced than conventional power-point presentation as we use character animations and info-graphic animations which will attract the presentation audiences.

Character Animation:

Having a good and suitable character in explainer video is key to understanding of basic video concepts. Characters not only increase brand awareness but also can make your video interesting for your viewers. If suitable, We will add specific characters in your video to make it more engaging and interesting to your viewers. Your video will make a positive impact to your viewers.

Application or Software Video:

If you have launched a new software or application then its time to order an explanatory video for it. Explanatory video will explain you application or software features to your user or customers. You can use this video with everywhere you want to use because you will get full commercial rights to your app video made by us. You can use this app video on playstore, youtube, instagram or anywhere else. You can start right now by clicking order button on this page.

Product Explainer Video:

Do you have a product and want a sales video to increase sales of your product? We will make your product video for sure. Modern day sales letter is incomplete without a video because more viewers prefer video content instead of written content. This is due to fact that videos are more easy to understand and make informations more clearer and understandable. You can click place order button on this page and then place order for your sales video or product explainer video. Just fill your information and We will take care of the rest.

Promotional & Ads Video:

If you are planning to run ads for your company or business and looking for ads or promo video then we will make your promotional video for it. You can use that video everywhere you want. By using our video in your ads, you will experience better user engagement because of interesting video content and explanatory style. Note: Video ads has very high Click Through Rate (CTR) than normal ads. So video will make your ad perform better.

Social Media Video:

If you have pages on social media then probably you need a video for your social media page. Don’t worry, we will make your social media video for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or any other social media. Click on order button and get started.

Game Video:

If you have launched a new game and want to promote it by making a video for it then you can order your game video and get started.

Services Video:

If you provide services to your clients then having a video explaining your services is a good idea. We will make professional services explainer video which will describe your services to your customers in this video. Our video will make your client mind clear about your services and you will get more services sales as before.

Video For Ecommerce Store:

If you are ecommerce store owner and want a video for your store for showcasing your products then you are at right place. We will create your store video.

Any other Type of Explainer Video:

Want to have explainer video for anything else? We will do it for sure.

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