What is an Animated Motion Graphics Video?

The motion graphics video is a type of explainer video. In this type of video, graphics such as Logo, Cover Image or any shape moves on the viewer screen with different styles. Here is Media Study of Motion Graphics Video Research

Motion Graphics Video Examples

There are many motion graphics example videos there on the internet. Below are some top 16 creative examples of Motion Graphics Video. Take a look:

How to Make These Motion-Graphics Videos:

Making professional and attractive motion graphics videos requires a lot of efforts. Lets Summerise these steps then we will discuss them briefly.


Motion Graphics Video creation consists of these steps:

  1. Video Idea
  2. Motion Objects Selection
  3. Scripts and Audio Effects
  4. Sketching of Elements
  5. Software Selection
  6. Finalizing

These are some steps require to make professional motion graphics video. If you don’t want to make a video yourself then you can order your video from our Motion Graphic Animation Company Here.

Steps Briefing:

Motion Graphics Video Ideas:

Video idea is how your video will look. One example is, if we have a dancing bubble then this dancing effect is a video idea.

Object Selection:

Object selection is selecting or creating specific objects that will show up in your video. These objects are related to video concept or main idea behind the video. One example is logo animation.

Scripts and Audio Effects:

I think you are already familiar with a video script and video audio. But I will tell you shortly that, the script is written text instructions and audio is music and sound effects. These effects play in the background of this video.

Element Sketching:

Sketching of Elements is making a basic sketch of graphics elements for your video. After creating this sketch, we will move forward for video creation.

Motion Graphics Video Software/App:

Software selection is selecting suitable software for your video. Software selection depends on your video complexity and nature. Most of the time, we use adobe after effects for our motion graphic video services because it is very reliable and professional. It has unlimited functions to use. We also use some other software too. Still, it requires the nature of the video project.

How To Get/Order Motion Graphics Video

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